Trump Twitter account thanks wrong Scott Walker

Donald Trump souvenirs are seen amid preparations for the arrival of visitors and delegates for the Republican National Convention on July 17, 2016, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland (CNN)Donald Trump thanked Scott Walker on Twitter Wednesday -- just not the one he meant to.

Instead of thanking Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker for speaking on his behalf at the Republican National Convention Wednesday, Donald Trump's Twitter account tagged a member of the mainstream media.
In his campaign's tweet thanking Walker, Trump's account accidentally tagged Scott Walker of Louisiana, a news anchor in New Orleans.
He followed up with the correct handle.
It's not clear whether Trump actually wrote the tweet. He outsources some of his social media habits to staffers.
    In an interview with CNN earlier this year, Trump social media director Daniel Scavino brushed off mistakes on the candidate's social media account, blaming unnamed "girls" who often take dictation in his New York office.