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Who to watch this week at the RNC
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The Cleveland-area Republican congressman who is playing host at the GOP convention is criticizing his governor for skipping the program.

“I think Republicans too many times are happy with a loss to prove a point versus coming together to win,” Rep. Jim Renacci told CNN about GOP colleagues who haven’t backed presumptive nominee Donald Trump, including Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a vanquished primary rival.

Renacci pointed to polls showing 70% of the country believes things are off track and said, “There are always people who aren’t going to come to conventions, I understand that – and in past conventions people haven’t come. But in the end we have two choices and I think the Republican party has to unite behind the choice – the Republican people – have selected.”

Pressed whether it would be helpful for party unit for the GOP governor, who lost his own presidential bid to come, Renacci said, “Gov. Kasich has got to make that decision on his own” but he went on to tweak the GOP governor, pointing out that he had previously made a pledge to the party to back whoever won the nomination, saying “I do believe he was one of those individuals who said he would support whoever the nominee was.”

“I remember how tough it was for Donald Trump to say he would support one of the other candidate, but he did as well, so I think now it is time to come together,” Renacci told CNN.

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Katich’s supporters on Monday defended his decision not attend the convention, including adviser John Weaver, a chief strategist, who tweeted that the governor has “record approval ratings,” as well his “principle/integrity.”