5.4 million bottles of Liquid Plumr recalled

The Clorox Company is recalling 5.4 million bottles of Liquid Plumr.

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  • The lids on the recalled Liquid Plumr bottles are not child resistant
  • There are eight reports of the child-resistant caps not working to keep children out

(CNN)The Clorox Company is recalling 5.4 million bottles of Liquid Plumr, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday.

Three types of the clog remover fall under the recall including: Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Foaming Clog Fighter, Liquid Plumr Industrial Strength Urgent Clear and Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Urgent Clear.
The caps on these bottles, which are required to be child-resistant, are not working correctly and children are able to open them. This is dangerous because Liquid Plumr contains sodium hydroxide, which can irritate the skin and eyes and can cause burns. Which is why the Poison Prevention Packaging Act requires products with this ingredient to be sealed with child-resistant packaging or containers, including lids.
    According to the CPSC, Clorox has received eight reports of these caps not working properly. They have also received 221 reports of these bottles leaking. There are no known injuries.
    The recalled Liquid Plumr bottles were sold nationwide at stores including Dollar General, Kroger, Lowe's, Target, Walgreens and Walmart, among others. They were also sold online at Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and Quidsi.com. All sales were between January 2012 and May 2016. All of the recalled products were manufactured before March 22, 2016.
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    Clorox said it's likely the bottles have been used already, but any remaining bottles should be kept out of the reach of children. Anyone with these bottles should contact the Clorox Company for instructions on how to get a refund.