Travelers are posting their photos and memories from Nice across Instagram and Facebook
Travelers are posting their photos and memories from Nice across Instagram and Facebook

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Travelers post images and memories from their trips to Nice

The city where more than 80 were killed is known for its beaches, restaurants and culture

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As terror struck the world-famous Mediterranean seafront town of Nice, images of death and destruction from the scene in the south of France started appearing on social media accounts.

Amid those tragic images of the truck attack that killed more than 80 people on Thursday, travelers began posting messages of support along with pictures and memories from their trips to Nice.

Crowds had packed the Promenade des Anglais to watch fireworks and live music in honor of Bastille Day before the attack. But tourists from France and around the world have never needed a holiday celebration to flock to Nice for its beaches, restaurants and culture.

The beauty of Nice is evident, as is the love from people who have visited the city.

How France’s vacation playground became extremist hotbed

“My heart goes out to the people of Nice for the tragedy they have suffered. Sending love and light,” wrote Instagrammer ericaarcilesi, who posted a picture from her trip to Nice three years ago.

Wide photos of the town bordered by the azure waters that give the area its Côte d’Azur moniker were posted with messages of support.

“Just last year we spent a few days in Nice, France and walked this Promenade. My heart goes to the families!” wrote Instagram poster michele_renae_q.

The relentlessness of global terror attacks was a common theme among those paying tribute to Nice and its residents and visitors.

“My heart breaks that the tragedy and terror continues… And now in the city I love so dearly,” wrote halestorm10 on Instagram.

“Last summer I was in Nice walking down the Promenade Des Anglais. Mes pensées sont avec de #NiceFrance,” wrote mbpeters16 on Instagram.

A photo of children playing in a fountain along the Promenade du Paillon was accompanied by a call to protect their future.

“A year ago in #Nice, watching children laugh and play without fear or reservation. A world into which they are born without bias of race, religious creed, color, or sexual orientation. Into a world where global attacks on a seemingly daily basis will become their norm,” wrote julierliu on Instagram.

“This cannot be the future. So love deeply, boldly and widely. Accept and be accepting. Remember that once upon a time, we were all young and harmlessly curious in our desire to unite cultures and our friends.”

Anger, frustration and love were common emotions among those expressing their support.

“It breaks my heart this morning to see another city where my husband & I shared so many special memories, on the news because of someone’s misplaced hatred. Lashing out at hundreds of innocent people because you’re frustrated with a few in power it just… I have no words,” posted stitchandpink on Instagram.

“While I’m definitely beyond angry & frustrated with the way terrorists have been trying to tear apart our world. I know the only way we’ll ever be able to fix it is to Spread LOVE,” wrote stitchandpink.

“If you’re reading this - I might not know you, but I love you. I don’t care about your Race, Religon, Sexual Orientation, or anything else!!! Because deep down, I know you’re doing the best you can, and so am I. Whatever you’re doing today, please be Safe, be Kind, and spread the LOVE.”