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Comedian and host of a Comedy Central Snapchat show Brandon Wardell is a Bernie Sanders fan

"I'll settle for you, Hillary," Wardell said

Washington CNN —  

As #WriteInBernie trends on Twitter and #BernieOrBust activists continue to pledge their loyalty to Bernie Sanders – even after the Vermont senator endorsed Hillary Clinton Tuesday – comedian and Sanders fan Brandon Wardell told CNN that he is ready to let go and vote for the former secretary of state.

The reason? At this point, not voting for Clinton is a vote for Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

“I wanted Bernie because I’m young and idealistic,” the 23-year-old comedian, adding, “but I’ll settle for you, Hillary.”

Wardell hosts a Comedy Central Snapchat show and is deeply immersed with the Internet generation.

According to the self-proclaimed serial tweeter, while many young people are still lamenting Sanders’ loss, the thought of Trump as president is making it easier for them to back presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton.

“I do think running against Trump makes people more enthusiastic to vote for Hillary, but they’re not really voting for Hillary,” Wardell said, criticizing Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War and for not coming out in support of same-sex marriage until 2013 when it was “socially at the point where you had to be for gay marriage.”

However, despite his own reservations and the burning loyalty of #BernieOrBust Sanders supporters, Wardell said that Trump will make up for Clinton’s deficit with millennials.

Wardell said that while he plans to vote for the former secretary of state, neither candidate has made a positive impression on him.

While Trump is “always going off on the internet in the worst way,” saying “wrestling villain things,” Clinton is “trying too hard” and posting “a lot of corny, old lady s—,” Wardell said.

Trump, who was an avid social media user prior to his presidential run, is known to be very hands on, crafting much of his own posts; meanwhile, Clinton’s social media accounts are handled by her staff.

“If it’s between a literal monster that I hate and an aunt that I’m a little embarrassed of, I’ll choose the aunt,” Wardell said, citing Trump’s controversial remarks on women, his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country and his rhetoric on Mexicans.

“The thing about Trump is it’s actually too scary and real to be funny anymore,” Wardell said, adding, “He’s not a meme anymore. He’s like a literal threat to our country.”