Google street view is Google SHEEP view for remote island chain

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  • The Faroe Islands is a remote island country in the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Google has agreed to help them map their beautiful land!

(CNN)So remote and pristine are the Faroe Islands, a Danish country in the Norwegian sea, even Google Street view hasn't gotten there yet.

When the company that can capture nude sunbathers and the Great Barrier reef couldn't be bothered to map out their homeland, the good people of Faroe Islands started to feel a little neglected. Luckily, they have something that Google probably doesn't: Sheep, and lots of them.
Thus, necessity begat invention. A few Faroe Islanders attached a 360-degree camera and some solar panels to some chill sheep and SheepView360 was born.
    While residents really would appreciate a visit from Google, the sheep-generated images have already been uploaded to Google Street View in the meantime. The real treat, though, is exploring the island as nature intended: With a ovine-eye view, in real time. Strap in for a wild ride, because these sheep are intrepid as heck:
    The Faroe Islands tourism board was in on the project. The lush green views certainly make a strong argument for a visit, but honestly they probably had most prospective visitors at "sheep."
    UPDATE: Good news! Google's helping out, through its Street View Camera Loan Program. People on the islands now have access to a Google Trekker and a fleet of 360 cameras, allowing them to capture more images for Street View.
    "We are delighted that we now have all the equipment, knowledge and support from Google that we need to continue to develop our own unique version of Google Street View," said Guðrið Højgaard, director at Visit Faroe Islands, in a press release.