Twitter user Timothy (@Corleone250) transports president Museveni into a scene from TV show Game of Thrones.

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A picture of the Ugandan president taking a call on the roadside has gone viral

People are using the hashtag #M7challenge to recreate the scene

CNN  — 

When Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni stopped to make a call in Kyeirumba Village, Uganda, he had no idea he was about to go viral.

A series of pictures were posted to his official Facebook page, showing him sitting in a fold out chair on the roadside making an important call.

“On the way from Isingiro District where I had presided over the World Population Day celebrations yesterday, I stopped at Kyeirumba Village to make an urgent phone call,” the text posted along with the pictures read.

At the time of writing 2.1k people have reacted to the images on Facebook, making it his most popular post so far this month.

Some went a step further, creating their own roadside call image and posting it to Twitter, using the hashtag #M7challenge.

People used whatever chairs and space they could get their hands on.

Flight crew joined in, before a morning trip.

And some people thought the roadside wasn’t presidential enough, and took it even higher.

Museveni becomes a meme

In addition to these recreations, others decided to transport Museveni into some unfamiliar settings.

Some re-imagined him sitting for a portrait.

Museveni’s fold out chair was swapped for an iron throne.

Some transported him to a football pitch with UEFA Euro 16 winners Portugal.

Others brought recent Wimbledon ladies singles winner Serena Williams into the picture.

And savvy brands grabbed the golden PR opportunity with both hands.

But among the joviality, some Twitter users were keen to remind people of the current political situation.

Around the time Museveni posted the images, the leader of opposition party Kizza Besigye had reportedly just been released on bail.

Robert Mugabe was subjected to similar treatment on Twitter in February 2015, after a video of Zimbabwe’s then 90-year-old president falling down stairs started making the rounds.

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