Today's 5 things: Dallas. Theresa May. Michigan

one Dallas protesters come together nccorig_00000506
one Dallas protesters come together nccorig_00000506


    Opposing protesters meet in Dallas


Opposing protesters meet in Dallas 01:20

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(CNN)Getting back to normal. Getting a new boss. Getting a little break. It's Tuesday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Dallas police killings

As Dallas tries to get back to normal -- some downtown streets are reopening; President Obama comes to town for a memorial service -- we're learning that Micah Xavier Johnson's attack that killed five police officers could have been much worse. He had bomb making material at his house. He'd been practicing detonations. And he was ready for larger targets. And that plan to kill Johnson with a robot? It was hatched by officers in about 15 minutes.

    2. British prime minister

    The Brits' next prime minister is waiting. Theresa May, the new leader of the Conservative Party, will soon take over 10 Downing Street, just as soon as current Prime Minister David Cameron skedaddles And that will happen pretty quickly. He'll lead his last Cabinet meeting today and deliver his resignation to the queen tomorrow. So it'll be up to May to lead the UK out of the EU after the Brexit vote. She was with the Remain camp but promises no do-overs.

    3. Michigan courthouse shooting

    The law enforcement community, already reeling from the Dallas officer deaths, took another blow yesterday when an inmate killed two court bailiffs in Michigan. The inmate fought with a deputy outside of a holding cell at a county courthouse. He shot the deputy after grabbing his gun, then killed the two bailiffs. After shooting and injuring another person and a failed attempt at taking hostages, the inmate was killed by other bailiffs when he tried to run.

    4. Clinton email scandal

    Hillary Clinton should've been charged -- but since she wasn't, let's not worry about it. That seems to be the sentiment America's expressing in a new poll. The poll found that 56% disapprove of the FBI's decision to let her slide for using a private email server while secretary of state. Yet 58% said it won't sway their vote. So that's totally clear, right? Also, House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted Clinton blocked from intel briefings, but that didn't work.

    5. South Sudan

    Maybe a return to civil war isn't inevitable in South Sudan after all. President Salva Kiir's declared a ceasefire yesterday, and his rival, First Vice President Riek Machar, called on his troops to respect it. Troops loyal to the men have been skirmishing since Thursday, leaving hundreds dead in the capital of Juba, and forcing the U.S. Embassy there to reduce its staff.


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