Michael Flynn: I'd still vote for Trump if I'm not his VP

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  • "I would not think a second to vote for anybody else," he says
  • He says he found Trump to be an impressive candidate

Washington (CNN)Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said he plans to vote for Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, even if he isn't selected as vice president.

"I would not think a second to vote for anybody else," he told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day." "I think at this stage this is a guy who provides a different vision, a different way to solve problems, a different leadership style, and a sense of change that I believe a majority of people in this country are really starting to look at."
He said that over a year ago, he was contacted by several candidates in the presidential race and that he would provide guidance to any candidates who asked.
    Flynn told CNN that he found Trump to be an impressive candidate who asked good questions and cared about the right issues.
    "I felt like I still had something that I owed this country and so I opened myself up to that, and Donald Trump was one of the individuals who approached me," he said. "And I met with him and I was very impressed ... I found him to be someone who is willing to listen and willing to learn."
    He said he wasn't expecting to be considered as a vice presidential candidate, but he's willing to help however he can.
    "I'm in one of these places where I deeply believe in this country," he said. "I believe I have something to offer, but to be in a place where I'm at with this vice president stuff, I take that very seriously. It's an unbelievable honor. You know, it's not something that I stepped into. It's not what I necessarily wanted to do."
    Trump is expected to make a decision this week before the Republican National Convention begins in Cleveland on Monday.
    If he were picked for Trump's ticket, he would be the first general to be on a vice presidential ticket in more than 50 years.