Scene of shooting in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, Sunday July 17.

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July proves to be a tragic month for Baton Rouge

People tweet support to Baton Rouge police after shooting

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For the second time in just 13 days, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the site of a tragedy after a deadly attack on police Sunday.

At least three officers are dead and three others are wounded..

The shooting is just the latest in a series of tumultuous events this month.

The city of about 230,000 people was catapulted into national headlines after an African-American man was shot to death during an encounter with two police officers earlier this month.

The incident spurred nationwide protests, and tensions have been running high in Baton Rouge ever since.

Here’s a look at what’s happened in the last two weeks.

Tuesday, July 5: Alton Sterling

baton rouge police shooting alton sterling cell phone video polo sandoval dnt nd_00002106.jpg
Alton Sterling: Graphic video shows police shooting
01:53 - Source: CNN

Alton Sterling was killed outside a Baton Rouge convenience store, an event caught on video by at least two bystanders.

The second video provided more details on the shooting.

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New video of Alton Sterling police shooting
02:55 - Source: CNN

Mourners and protesters demanded justice in the case, distraught over the death of the 37-year-old “CD man” known for selling music and videos in the store parking lot where he died.

A 911 call revealed that police responded to the scene after a homeless man claimed someone had pulled a gun on him outside the convenience store where Sterling was shot.

The usual, important but difficult conversations ensued. Many expressed outrage over yet another black man killed by those sworn to serve and protect. Some residents of the Louisiana capital would tell CNN that the city had been smoldering for years.

Wednesday, July 6: Philando Castile

Before the debates and conversations could run their usual course, another black man was killed by a police 1,200 miles north, in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Video was also important to the story, but for a very different reason.

Some protesters blocked roadways as police in riot gear stood nearby. Dozens of people were arrested.

Thursday, July 7: Dallas

Police announced they arrested three people suspected of plotting to kill officers. One of the suspects is a 13-year-old boy.

Police said there may be a fourth suspect at large. Police said the suspect stole several handguns and planned to get ammunition.

July 17 Shots Fired on Police

Three police officers were gunned down after responding to a call about a suspicious person with an assault rifle.

Three other officers were wounded in the attack. One was listed in critical condition Sunday afternoon, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

One suspect is dead and two others may be on the loose, authorities said.

The two high-profile cases prompted large protests across the country.

The aftermath

People immediately took to social media to react to Sunday’s latest brash of violence.

State Rep. Ted James tweeted: “Praying for the officers, their families, the entire BRPD, and our city. Please bring these killers to justice.”

State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson also reacted on Twitter, saying, “On this Sunday morning, we are grieving yet again in LA! Many prayers go out to the Baton Rouge police officers and their families.”

Police departments from all over the country are also tweeting their condolences and support to the Baton Rouge Police Department, including in cities such as Baltimore, Maryland and Orlando, Florida.

Reynolds, Castile’s fiancée, spoke out Friday morning after the Dallas shootings.