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Wharton Finance School students and alumni penned a scathing open letter to Donald Trump

Trump completed his undergraduate degree at Wharton in 1968

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Students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance have penned a scathing, open letter to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, claiming the business mogul-turned-politician does not represent them.

Trump regularly reminds the public he attended Wharton, and often credits the school for his business knowledge. However, on Friday over 1,400 current Wharton students and alumni expressed their disdain for Trump, saying they were “deeply disappointed” by his candidacy.

“We, proud students, alumni, and faculty of Wharton, are outraged that an affiliation with our school is being used to legitimize prejudice and intolerance,” the letter read. “Although we do not aim to make any political endorsements with this letter, we do express our unequivocal stance against the xenophobia, sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry that you have actively and implicitly endorsed in your campaign.”

Huffington Post first reported on the letter.

Trump earned his undergraduate degree from the Wharton School in 1968, after transferring from Fordham University, where he spent two years studying.