Pelosi to Republicans on sit-in consequences: 'Make my day'

House Democrats pushing for 'no fly, no buy' gun bill
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    House Democrats pushing for 'no fly, no buy' gun bill


House Democrats pushing for 'no fly, no buy' gun bill 01:19

Story highlights

  • Facing potential discipline from House Republicans, Pelosi defended Democrats' actions during the gun control sit-in
  • She noted that members of the House use "technology on the floor all the time"

(CNN)House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has just three words for congressional Republicans looking to discipline Democrats for participating in last month's sit-in for gun control legislation: "Make my day."

Speaking at her weekly news conference Thursday, Pelosi was asked how Democrats would respond to a charge that the use of electronic devices to broadcast video was in violation of procedures set by the legislature.
The California Democrat defended her colleagues' actions by arguing that, "Members use technology on the floor all the time," noting that it has now become the norm for representatives from both parties to respond directly to their own messages by mobile phone where it was once necessary for congressional pages to act as an intermediary.
    At his own weekly presser immediately after Pelosi's, Speaker Paul Ryan referred to a number of standard procedures the Democrats could have relied upon, despite being the minority faction in the legislature:
    "Those rules ought to be heeded, and so yes, I am very worried about the trend and a precedent," the Wisconsin Republican said in a statement. "And so we are looking at all options for consequences to make sure that we can get Congress working again."
    Pelosi also attacked House Republicans for devoting more attention to rules violations than legislative policy issues.
    "This is the party of subterfuge," Pelosi declared, mockingly impersonating her opponents by saying "We are never going to protect the American people because we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Rifle Association, so let's tell John Lewis that he is performing a political stunt."
    Pelosi added later, "They're going to investigate someone for using a cell phone on the floor of the House? I don't think so."