John Cena's patriotic PSA has fans cheering

Story highlights

  • John Cena has worn many hats in the public eye
  • His latest patriotic appearance garnered widespread admiration

(CNN)Depending on how you roll, you either know John Cena as the suplex-dropping WWE star, Amy Schumer's boyfriend in "Trainwreck," the record holder for number of wishes granted for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a fervent support of the U.S. military or just some plastic action figure your kid leaves lying around on the floor.

These are all accurate versions of Cena, who has built his rather widespread influence on uber-patriotic machismo and bulging pectorals. Depending on what you think of THAT, he's either the last person you'd imagine starring in an Ad Council PSA about celebrating differences, or the first.
In the video, Cena lends new meaning to a few quintessentially American icons. He's strolling through Main Street, U.S.A. The streets are filled with a spectrum of people: Women wearing hijabs, people admiring a pride flag, children of all abilities and races enjoying each others' company, and Cena himself, who says that to be truly American is to love every American.
    "Almost half of the country belongs to minority groups," he says, while strolling past folksy Rockwellian scenes. "People who are lesbian, African-American, bi and transgender and Native American, and proud of it."
    "After all," he continues, "What's more American than the freedom to celebrate what makes us, us?"
    The three-and-a-half-minute video struck a chord with viewers, and probably made Cena a few new fans who weren't aware of his work outside the ring. The Anti-Defamation League and World Wrestling Entertainment, among other companies, shared and praised the video's message.
    "Love isn't what defines us, it's what unites us," the WWE wrote on Twitter.
    It's worth noting that Cena, who built his name on a nearly cartoonish version of a typical American beefcake, is actually something of a polyglot. He speaks conversational Mandarin, as evidenced by his speech at a 2016 WWE press conference in Shanghai. (Suddenly that scene from "Trainwreck" makes sense!) Just more proof that, as the star reiterates in his PSA, there is more to America -- and its people -- than meets the eye.