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Hillary Clinton's campaign raised about $68 million in the month of June

Clinton aides said Friday that her campaign had $44 million on hand, and that it raised about $40.5 of its June haul for its campaign.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised about $68 million in June, a sum that is likely to widen her financial lead over Donald Trump in the general election.

The Clinton campaign said Friday that it had $44 million on hand heading into July and that it raised about $40.5 million in June for its campaign. An additional $28 million was raised through joint fundraising agreements and was routed to the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

Clinton’s fundraising position strengthened in June as the primary season concluded. She became the presumptive nominee early in the month and the campaign began general-election fundraising, allowing previously maxed-out donors to write new checks for the November battle.

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Trump, for his part, had only $1.3 million on hand as of May 31, though that sum is expected to increase substantially on the next financial report, which is due later this month.

Clinton aides do not want their supporters to think that they have a financial advantage.

“But while we celebrate our accomplishment, we also need to be clear (but not overconfident) about what we’re up against in this election,” Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, wrote in an email to supporters Friday. “Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t yet announced how much money they raised in June, but Trump said earlier this week that if they come up short, he’ll simply write himself a check to make up the difference.”