NFL player who lost part of his hand appears in fireworks safety PSA

The most popular July 4th fireworks
The most popular July 4th fireworks


    The most popular July 4th fireworks


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Story highlights

  • The New York Giants player severely injured his hand in a fireworks accident
  • Leave fireworks "to the fireworks professionals," he says

(CNN)Fireworks are fun, but mangling your hand -- or any body part, really -- is hardly worth the few seconds of lights and sounds you get in return.

There's no one better to illustrate this lesson than Jason Pierre-Paul, a New York Giants player who lost about 2½ fingers and risked million of dollars in contract money after a fireworks accident last year on the Fourth of July.
Despite the unexpected roster cuts to his right hand, Pierre-Paul is fortunate enough to a) be generally okay and b) still be playing football. He related his story in an earnest fireworks safety announcement for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
    The defensive end says he lit up a firework and thought he could throw it away in time (he couldn't). His disfiguring injury would become a main point of shock and scrutiny during the 2015 NFL off-season, but Pierre-Paul says, at the time, he was worried about what really matters. "On the way to the hospital, all I could do is think about my son and if I was going to make it," he says.
    Eleven people died in fireworks-related accidents in 2014, CPSC research shows.