Katy Perry is the most followed person in the Twittersphere

Updated 11:28 PM EDT, Fri July 1, 2016
(CNN) —  

If you don’t already follow Katy Perry on Twitter, you’re late to her party. The 31-year-old has just reached a social media milestone by becoming the first person to have over 90 million Twitter followers.

“It’s party time, @katyperry!” Twitter’s official account tweeted. “With 90 million on the guest list, we’re gonna need a really big dance floor.”

In close competition to Perry’s impressive social status are fellow pop stars, Justin Bieber, with 83.8 million followers, and Taylor Swift, with 79 million.

Perry, who calls her beloved followers, “KatyCats,” is an active Twitter bird. She tweets what she eats, promotes her favorite music and advocates for political action. Recently, Perry urged her followers in America to register to vote and support Hillary Clinton.

Perry also shares spiritual tweets.

And silly tweets, like the time Perry shared a photo of herself in a purple hoodie and said she was a “Belieber.” That tweet alone received over 99,000 retweets.

When Perry learned she had broken the Twitter record Friday, she tweeted “Dang this is tight.” With a crowd as large as the one following Perry, that sounds about right.