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Strawberries and cream: A Wimbledon tradition

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About 112,000 portions of strawberries consumed at Wimbledon every year

That's about 61,700 lbs of summery succulence

All washed down with more than 7,000 liters of fresh dairy cream

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What two things are quintessentially English and as inextricably linked as America and apple pie?

The answer, of course, is Wimbledon and strawberries – a summer ritual enjoyed at that most traditional of tennis grand slams since Victorian times.

But did you know about 112,000 portions – or 61,700 lbs – of the fruity fancies are consumed on the grounds of the All England club every year?

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That’s about 8,615 punnets containing a minimum of 10 Grade 1 Kent strawberries “of the highest quality,” devoured daily.

To ensure “utmost freshness,” the club says, strawberries are picked the day before being served and arrive at Wimbledon about 5.30am before they are inspected and hulled.

All those bursting, blushing berries are washed down with about 7,000 liters of fresh cream in a typical year.

And the cost of a punnet of English summer? That’s £2.50 ($3.4) to you, up from £1.70 in 1993.

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