‘Katdashians! Break the Musical!’ is all you hoped for

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The parody mixes the lives of the reality stars with "Cats"

It currently runs through July 16

CNN  — 

A musical melding the world’s most famous reality TV family and the Broadway hit “Cats” sounds so zany that it’s purrrrfect.

‘Katdashians! Break the Musical!’ is legit and playing at the Elektra Theatre in New York City.

A reviewer for the New York Times quipped, “Some passersby might look at the marquee of the Elektra Theater in Times Square and ask, ‘Why?’ Others might do so and say, ‘Why not?’ It’s that second group who should go in.” “

And while the Times Neil Genzlinger writes that “it’s all pretty stupid” he concedes “it’s not without artfulness.”

“Carmen Mendoza (Kim), Elliott Brooks (Khloe) and especially Bridget Kennedy (the spacey Kourtney) are all enjoyable, and there’s even a theme, sort of,” he says in his review. “The show is about empty fame and how addictive it is. At one point the family panics because no Google alerts have gone out about any of them for a whole hour.”

The casting requirements for the show were posted by Playbill in April and read equally entertaining.

The character of Kourtney Katdashian is described as “The oldest and least famous sister with a litter of kittens. Kourtney spends most her time worrying about, but never looking for, her puppet boyfriend who disappears often and trying to show emotion on her emotionless face.” Cue the cat hiss!

The musical currently runs through July 16.