Adele was discovered on Myspace
01:56 - Source: CNN
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Adele is well known for her gorgeous voice and some occasionally ugly language. During a live performance broadcast by the BBC from the Glastonbury Festival in England on Saturday night, the singing star cursed a total of 33 times during her 90 minute set.

Who’s counting? Apparently several unhappy concert viewers who took the Grammy-winner to task on Twitter.

Richard Tominlinson tweeted: “Great set by @Adele but did she have to swear so much?”

Mirjam tweeted: “We’re still on ‘Hello’ and she’s already spent her fee on the swear box.”

Rachael wrote: “Only Adele would be warned by the BBC multiple times and have a 10 year old child on stage.”

But Blazer Dave didn’t seem to mind and tweeted that he actually enjoyed her “swearing.”

Adele, it seems, is well aware of her penchant for using curse words and joked about it on stage. “Do you know how rock ‘n’ roll I am? Not very, but the BBC had to give me a warning about my potty mouth before I went on. I bet Muse didn’t get that.”