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Pulse owner: We are one pulse, one nation

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Londoners celebrated Pride Saturday after UK voted to leave the European Union

New York City to honor the Orlando victims, Pulse nightclub owner during LGBT Pride March

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Dozens of cities around the world are donning the colors of the rainbow this weekend.

London, New York and Chicago are among the cities holding Pride parades or rallies Saturday and Sunday.

The celebrations honoring the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender communities are especially poignant following the massacre of 49 people at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, the United State’s deadliest mass shooting.

Images and video on social media showed people in London parading in the city’s streets with brightly colored outfits, proudly sharing the message that love is love.

There was even an impromptu marriage proposal during the event, with one Metropolitan Police Service officer getting down on one knee.

A break from Brexit

United Kingdom MP Justine Greening, who supported staying in the European Union, announced Saturday on Twitter that she too was celebrating in the festivities. She shared on the social media platform that she was in a same-sex relationship while also poking fun at the Brexit vote.

“Today’s a good day to say I’m in a happy same sex relationship,” she tweeted. “I campaigned for Stronger In but sometimes you’re better off out!”

Carlo Feudo, who is attending the event, captured a photo of London Mayor Sadiq Khan opening the parade.

“The parade is festive and multicultural like never in the past years. This time we do need to be standing all together against hate and discrimination,” Feudo told CNN, referring to the Orlando victims who died two weeks ago.

The parade was also a nice distraction from the United Kingdom’s surprising vote this week to leave the European Union, he explained.

“I have asked my friends about their Brexit feelings and everyone is taking a break from the sad thoughts about leaving the EU at this moment just to fully embrace the Pride parade and celebrate it,” he said.

A time to heal after Orlando

Across the Atlantic Ocean, New York City will be celebrating its NYC LGBT Pride March on Sunday.

Orlando Pulse nightclub owner Barbara Poma and the bar’s entertainment manager Neema Bahrami will be honored at the event, following the tragic shooting that took place at the popular gay bar.

On Friday, Poma spoke at New York City’s Pride rally, telling a crowd of more than 4,000 people that she wanted to attend the event “as part of the nation’s healing process and to honor the beautiful souls we lost and those who were injured, and those who escaped and survived that awful night.”

She said she hopes the Pride parade will allow members of the LGBT community to comfort each other through love and support.

“I’m here today because I want you to know that Orlando and the world’s gay community are strong and united. We will not allow evil to prevail,” Poma said.

CNN’s Lorenzo Ferrigno contributed to this report.