Police recapture last of 2 Mississippi jail escapees

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  • Both suspects have ties to the Jackson, Mississippi area
  • Law enforcement officials said they consider the inmates dangerous but not armed

(CNN)Police have captured the second of two murder suspects who escaped from a jail in Mississippi, the sheriff's office said.

Malcolm Landfair and Gerome Montreal Moore escaped from the facility in Raymond on Thursday.
Landfair was arrested in Jackson on Friday night, Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason said. Moore was captured Thursday in south Jackson.
    "The inmates escaped through a hole in the wall," Mason said Thursday. "No one noticed or heard anything."
    Police believe the hole was made in the wall over time, with metal objects the inmates acquired.
    Prison guards noticed the empty cells of the two inmates, 19-year-old Moore and 29-year-old Landfair, after a routine headcount early Thursday morning.
    Moore is being held on capital murder and carjacking charges, while Landfair was jailed on charges of murder and house burglary, police said.
    Moore has a history of escape and both suspects have ties to the Jackson, Mississippi, area, the sheriff's office said.
    Officers scoured the prison for hours Thursday after the inmates went missing before bringing in drug-sniffing dogs to help with the search efforts. Police dogs sniffed a trail to the prison fence, where officers believed the inmates escaped, police said.