A few times Obama and Trump agreed on foreign policy

Story highlights

  • Trump has trashed the administration's foreign policy
  • But on several issues, Trump sounds an awful lot like the officials he's criticizing

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump tore into the Obama-Clinton foreign policy track record Wednesday during a major speech in New York.

"ISIS threatens us today because of the decisions Hillary Clinton has made, along with President Obama," Trump said, as he linked the former secretary of state and current president closely together.
But his address didn't tell the whole story of his own foreign policy views.
    In fact, while Trump presents himself as the polar opposite of everything that Clinton and the Obama administration stand for -- on admitting refugees, the Iran nuclear deal and America's relationship with China, Mexico and other nations, to cite a few examples -- the billionaire developer has occasionally echoed their foreign policy positions.
    On the war in Iraq, NATO, Libya, winning more support from America's allies and more, Obama and Trump have sometimes sounded like they're reading from the same page -- even though at their core they have very different views of the world and the U.S.'s role in it.