Scrutinized TSA official resigns from agency

Top TSA official removed
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    Top TSA official removed


Top TSA official removed 02:06

(CNN)Kelly Hoggan, the former Transportation Security Administration's assistant administrator for the Office of Security Operations, has resigned from the agency, according to a TSA official.

Hoggan had been removed from his position and reassigned in the wake of congressional scrutiny in May.
"Mr. Hoggan is no longer with the agency. He left of his own volition," a TSA spokesman confirmed the resignation in an email.
The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform conducted a hearing on TSA's operations on May 12. At the hearing the TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger was questioned why Hoggan was given $90,000 in bonuses as the agency was dogged with issues.
    Hoggan was in charge when TSA screeners failed several covert tests directed by the DHS Inspector General. About 95% of the time screeners failed to detect fake explosives and weapons at security checkpoints.