Hillary Clinton to campaign with Elizabeth Warren in Ohio

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Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump housing crisis newday_00000000


    Elizabeth Warren calls Trump 'insecure money-grubber'


Elizabeth Warren calls Trump 'insecure money-grubber' 01:06

Story highlights

  • Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will campaign together in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Warren is one of several possible contenders to Clinton's running mate

Raleigh, North Carolina (CNN)Hillary Clinton invited Elizabeth Warren to join her at a rally Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio, a trip marking the first time the two will appear together on the campaign trail.

The event, which will be Clinton's third trip to Ohio in two weeks, is sure to stoke the speculation that the Massachusetts senator could be the former secretary of state's vice presidential pick.
The two Democratic leaders, a campaign release said, "will discuss their shared commitment to building an America that is stronger together and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top."
    Clinton and her top aides are currently narrowing her choices for a running mate, intently focusing on a handful of potential candidates as her team closes in on the final weeks of vetting before she makes a decision in less than a month, according to several Democrats with knowledge of the decision.
    The visit to Ohio offers a chance for Clinton to take a better measure of Warren. While they don't have a longstanding or particularly warm relationship, they do share an intense dislike for Donald Trump and that is sure to be on display Monday.
    A new CNN/ORC poll suggests Democrats aren't sold on Warren as the ideal running mate for Clinton, with 34% saying Warren should be on the ticket and 54% saying they would prefer someone else.
    Yet Warren is one of the Democrats being considered for the post. She met with Clinton at her Washington home June 10. While aides said the topic of the meeting was not the VP slot, the meeting was a chance for the two to get to know each other before a decision is made.
    Two Democrats familiar with the trip described the joint-apperance as "a win-win," pointing out that both dislike Trump and the event gives the full impression Warren is being seriously considered, whether or not Clinton ultimately chooses her.
    Many Democrats are skeptical that Clinton will pick Warren. While the Massachusetts senator is a darling of the left, she and Clinton has not always had the warmest relationship. Warren, at times, has been outspoken against some of the Clinton White House's policies.
    While Warren waited until Clinton's fight with Bernie Sanders was over before endorsing her, she has been in overdrive in recent weeks. She dropped by Clinton's headquarters last week and gave a speech meant to fire up the headquarters staff.
    "We've got one tough cookie who is going to be out there fighting on behalf of working families across this country," Warren said in her remarks, according to a video posted on Instagram.
    The two Democratic sources said Wednesday that while Clinton is narrowing in on her decision, she has not made it yet and feels no rush to do so.