GOP officials' honor at stake

TX: Donald Trump Rally

(CNN)Watching honorable Republican-elected officials such as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.) contort themselves, deploring Trump's rhetoric, distancing themselves from his policies while still promising to vote for the man, is painful. But what of unelected officials who do not even have the excuse that they must be attentive to Republican voters?

Several Republican former national security officials and experts have put together a letter announcing that they cannot support Trump. Only three who were Cabinet-level officials, Michael Mukasey, Robert Zoellick and Michael Chertoff, have signed it. Not one former secretary of state, defense or treasury has signed on or publicly announced that he or she will not vote for the man. Where are George P. Shultz, James Baker, Condoleezza Rice and Hank Paulson? Can their reputations survive their silence?