Ted Cruz pokes GOP establishment with return to campaign trail

CNN  — 

Ted Cruz will be back on the campaign trail Monday – and will keep jabbing the Republican establishment.

The Texas senator will be campaigning in Colorado for Senate candidate Darryl Glenn. The El Paso County Commissioner is taking on Republican establishment favorite Jon Keyser in the June 28 primary.

Cruz described Glenn as a “constitutional conservative” who will “take on the D.C. establishment.”

“I am proud to stand with the grassroots in Colorado supporting Darryl Glenn in his campaign for the U.S. Senate,” Cruz said in a statement Friday. “He is a constitutional conservative with the experience to understand what it takes to bring back economic growth and preserve our individual liberties. I am confident he will go to Washington to fight for those values, and he won’t back down.”

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As the former presidential candidate wades back into the political arena, there are not that many primaries left, giving Cruz few races to choose from. Cruz’s decision to endorse the grassroots conservative in the race underscores his willingness to take on Washington, a theme that was the foundation of his presidential campaign.

There are 24 Senate GOP seats to defend in November, most with incumbents running for reelection. Swing state Colorado represents a safe choice for Cruz – the seat is currently held by Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

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The Texas senator has sought to position himself as a leader within the conservative movement since exiting the race. This will be Cruz’s second public event since suspending his campaign in May. He spoke to the Texas Republican Party’s convention last month.

He’s also maintaining a high profile in the Senate, giving an extensive speech on ISIS and the Second Amendment on the Senate floor Thursday in wake of the Orlando attacks.