Ex-'Apprentice' contestant no longer to join Republican convention team

Washington (CNN)Former "Apprentice" contestant and Donald Trump surrogate Erin Elmore will no longer be joining the Republican convention's caucus operation team as deputy press secretary, according to a statement issued Monday.

The move that she would be was reported earlier by PhillyChitChat.com and Philadelphia Magazine. Elmore was to be part of a rapid response communications team that will work as an intermediary between the Trump campaign and the national convention staff.
But on Monday, a statement by the Republican National Convention said: "Erin Elmore, who was recently named as a valued deputy press secretary for caucus operations, has left the team and remains active as one of the campaign's surrogate media spokespeople."
Elmore said Monday she could be a "more effective advocate for Donald Trump's election as as surrogate on TV rather than working behind the scenes in Cleveland."
    Elmore was a local news reporter in Jacksonville, Florida, and a guest host on QVC. Most recently, she has appeared as an analyst on several news networks, including CNN.
    The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misstated Elmore's position. She was joining the Republican National Convention team, not the Trump campaign.