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Jo Cox, 41, advocated for Britain staying in the EU and also focused on Syria

She was "always friendly, cheerful and kind to friend and foe alike," Nick Clegg says

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Before she was attacked and killed Thursday, Jo Cox was known for her vocal stances in the Brexit debate and other political flashpoints – as well as her beloved persona in and out of Britain’s Parliament.

“You just can’t fault the woman. She was perfect in every single way,” fellow Labour Party politician Shabir Pandor said.

Cox, 41, was a staunch supporter of Britain voting to stay in the European Union, a volatile issue that will go to a referendum next week. In a June 10 tweet, Cox advocated her position.

“Immigration is a legitimate concern, but it’s not a good reason to leave the EU,” she wrote.

Authorities have not said what the motive for her killing was.

Hours before the attack, her husband tweeted a photo of the family in a boat campaigning to keep Britain in the European Union.

“Kids seriously disappointed there isn’t another #Floatila today,” Brendan Cox wrote.