Amy Schumer swaps lives with Vogue editor Anna Wintour

New York (CNN)This will make your day. Amy Schumer and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour switched lives, in a video produced by Schumer on the heels of her first ever Vogue cover.

In the three minute sketch Schumer produced about the job swap, she sits across from Wintour in the editor's infamous corner office and they proceed to challenge each other's jobs. Schumer tells Wintour that it's "easy" to decide what's hot in the world of fashion, and Wintour tells Schumer she could be a standup comedian.
The women proceed to swap jobs for a day and we watch as Schumer tries to walk in stilettos, falling flat on her face, and is confused when her lunch arrives and it's a few leafy greens.
Wintour, however, brings down the house at NYC's Comedy Cellar. Although a valiant effort by both women, they should stick to their day jobs.
    Schumer's Vogue cover is on stands now.