Trump's new teleprompter take: 'I like using them on occasion'

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  • Trump has recently started using teleprompters at times
  • "I like using them on occasion," Trump said

Atlanta (CNN)Donald Trump on Wednesday admitted that he likes using teleprompters after relentlessly mocking politicians who rely on them throughout most of his campaign.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee, as he often does, imitated Hillary Clinton reading from a prompter and made her appear stiff and robotic.
"I never said let's abandon NATO. If you listen to Hillary, it's like 'Donald Trump doesn't want NATO.' And she reads from teleprompter," he said at a rally in Atlanta, before launching into an imitation of his likely general election opponent: "'Donald ... Trump ... doesn't ... want ... NATO.'"
    Seconds later, Trump -- who's recently started using the speech-reading devices to deliver major policy remarks -- said he actually doesn't mind them.
    "I like using them on occasion, too, by the way. It's not so bad," he said. "I've been given good reviews when I use crazy teleprompters, can you believe it?"
    His teleprompter take Wednesday contrasted with many other occasions where he's chided rivals for employing them.
    During an Iowa speech last year, Trump had said: "I say we should outlaw teleprompters for anybody, right? -- for anybody -- for anybody running for president."
    But, he added Wednesday, he prefers his freewheeling style at the podium. "I like this much better," he said.