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(CNN) —  

Stephen Colbert slammed Donald Trump during last night’s episode of “The Late Show,” comparing the Republican presidential frontrunner to a Nazi.

To explain Trump’s reaction to the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, Colbert walked over to a chalkboard and drew a diagram. The former Comedy Central host began to connect words that Trump has said in the wake of the massacre that killed 49 people: “Bad Thing,” Muslim,” “Inconceivable,” “Something Going On,” “Not Smart” and “Radical Islam,” which turned into a giant swastika.

“Let the people figure it out,” Colbert said while drawing the diagram. “He’s just going to give you clues, like the $100,000 pyramid. Your clues are ‘Obama’ and ‘something’s going on,’ and ‘What my racist aunt would say at a picnic.’”

Before drawing the swastika, Colbert took Trump to task for blaming President Barack Obama for the shooting. “This whole speech, with its nativism, its fear-mongering, and especially its self-aggrandizing in the face of tragedy, feels like a new low,” Colbert said. “It makes me long for the days when Trump was just bragging about the size of his penis.”