Now is the time to invest in Nigeria, say entrepreneurs

(CNN)A fuel crisis, corruption claims and even a shortage of tomatoes: Nigeria has made headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, and the streak of disappointing news seems to continue, as United Airlines cancelled its daily flight from Houston to Lagos due to weakness in the energy sector and the ongoing difficulties in collecting money from tickets sold in Nigeria.

For some months, Nigeria has been restricting the amount of money that can be moved abroad after the global slump in oil prices wiped out the government's U.S. currency reserves. The country owes airlines close to $600 million in airfares, according to the International Air Transport Association.
Africa's most populated country with about 173 million people, Nigeria is also the biggest oil exporter in Africa, with the largest natural gas reserves on the continent. But that hasn't helped pull the country out of its economic slump as it's never had enough refining capacity, and now has too few dollars to import more gas into the country.

Corruption and hope

    While this all sounds like doom and gloom for Nigeria, there is one group finding some positive out of the current climate: entrepreneurs.