Ellen DeGeneres teases about transgender character in 'Finding Dory'

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  • "Finding Dory" opens Friday
  • DeGeneres doesn't know if characters in movie are lesbians

(CNN)Ellen DeGeneres is probably pulling our leg when she says there's a transgender character in her new Disney/Pixar film.

The daytime talk show host talked to USA Today about questions as to whether "Finding Dory" features a lesbian couple or not.
Fans have been buzzing about the possibility for weeks, ever since a trailer for the animated movie, a sequel to the 2003 hit "Finding Nemo," appeared to show two women interacting with a baby.
    DeGeneres, who voices the movie's lead character, said she doesn't know if the women are actually lesbians, though she doesn't mind the question
    "I don't know if she is or if she just has a bad, short haircut," DeGeneres joked. "Who knows if she's a lesbian?"
    The comic actress then went on to say that there is a character other than Dory in the film who also has a special journey.
    "I'll tell you a little secret," DeGeneres said, smiling. "There's a sting ray that's becoming sting Rhonda, so there's a trans sting in the movie."
    "Finding Dory" opens in theaters on Friday.