Clinton plans to rely on Obama for campaign help

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  • Obama plans to do most of the campaigning on his own
  • Obama and Clinton are planning to appear together on Wednesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton plans to rely on President Barack Obama to campaign for her in states where he's likely to do well, a White House official told CNN Saturday.

Obama, who endorsed Clinton for president on Thursday, plans to do most of the campaigning on his own. He will travel to white suburbs in the Rust Belt and the Midwest and will campaign in African-American communities in North Carolina, Virginia and other swing states for the presumptive Democratic nominee.
    The New York Times first reported Obama's campaign plans.
    Obama and Clinton are planning to appear together Wednesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, another city where Obama was popular during his 2008 and 2012 elections. The rally will mark the first campaign event in which the two have appeared together since Clinton emerged as the presumptive Democratic nominee.
    Obama is expected to visit Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania and other battleground states he carried during his elections, including Colorado, Florida and Michigan‎.
    The President plans to target Independents in states such as New Hampshire and Iowa and hopes to help drive turnout among young people, Hispanics and Asian-Americans in battlegrounds like Florida, Nevada and Colorado, the White House said.‎
    Obama's October calendar has been largely cleared, allowing him time to campaign wherever he is needed, according to the official.
    Another White House source said earlier this month that Obama is eager to get on the campaign trail and "get people fired up."
    He's "ready to go," the source said, adding Obama would "explode onto the scene" once the Democratic race is wrapped up.
    "It's driving him crazy" remaining on the sidelines, the source said.