Today's 5 things: Democrats. Muhammad Ali. Guns

Obama endorses Clinton, calls for party unity
Obama Hillary Clinton endorsement_00000000


    Obama endorses Clinton, calls for party unity


Obama endorses Clinton, calls for party unity 02:13

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(CNN)Getting in line. Saying goodbye. Checking on the kids. It's Friday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

That was fast. Less than 48 hours after Hillary Clinton wrapped up the Democratic nomination, the Dems establishment fell in line behind her. The Ultimate Superdelegate -- President Obama -- said "I'm with her" in a web video. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren (after a nasty attack on Donald Trump) said the same. It's the end of the road for Bernie Sanders, who got face time with Obama, but not much else. He did, however, promise to work with Clinton.

    2. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali's last journey through his hometown will be a goodbye befitting the Greatest, and just the way he planned it. A 16- to 18-car funeral procession starts at 9 this morning and will swing by his childhood home, his high school and the gym where he first trained. The procession ends at Cave Hill Cemetery, where he'll be buried in a private ceremony. A public memorial service, featuring eulogies from Bill Clinton and other celebs, starts at 2 p.m. ET.

    3. Guns

    Time for another high stakes shootout on gun rights, and of course the Supremes are invited. A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that, sorry, there's no Second Amendment protection for concealed weapons. That could give states the green light to prohibit or restrict the carrying of concealed firearms. It all will probably end up in the Supreme Court, although probably not before it finally gets a ninth member back on the bench.

    4. Pakistan teen

    Just 11 days. That's how long Zeenat Rafique had been married before she was burned to death, allegedly by her own family. Her husband told CNN the family didn't approve of the marriage, and they had abused her before. The only reason he allowed her to visit them was because they said she'd be safe. An autopsy revealed Rafique had been strangled and was still breathing when she was set ablaze.

    5. Teens

    Are the kids really all right? Yes and no, says a new report from the CDC. The good news: teens smoke less, are having less sex and drink less soda. The bad news: They're using more e-cigs and opiods; they're using condoms less; and their screen time is knocking out time spent outside playing. And car crashes -- thanks to texting and driving -- remain the top teen killer.


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    Quote of the day:
    "Delete your account"
    How Hillary Clinton's Twitter account responded to Donald Trump's slam of President Obama's endorsement of her. The GOP then reminded her that, in light of her email troubles, she shouldn't be telling anyone to delete anything.
    It's good to be king, or um, Supreme Leader
    In the midst of North Korea's anti-smoking campaign. Kim Jong Un was photographed with a cig in hand. We're pretty sure no one's gonna complain.
    One way to go
    People will get high off everything. Including anti-diarrheal medicine. And now they're overdosing.
    Forget the books, check out the book shelves
    Virginia Beach Public Library's book displays are next-level.
    The "Baby Got Books" display at the Joint-Use location of the Virginia Beach Public Library
    Want to stop people from smoking or going to the restroom? Cover it in the world's ugliest color -- greenish brown sludge -- and watch 'em flee.
    Heat on the go
    Leave those bulky bottles of Sriracha on your kitchen counter. To-go packets of the hot chili sauce will soon be available. Internet foodies lost their minds.