Today's 5 things: Israel attack. Pakistan honor killing. Freddie Gray


    Four people killed in Tel Aviv attack


Four people killed in Tel Aviv attack 01:12

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(CNN)An attack on a market. An officer on trial. A so-called "honor" killing. It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Tel Aviv attack

Two Palestinians, dressed as Hasidic Jews, opened fire in an upscale market in Tel Aviv, killing four Israelis and wounding several others. Hamas called it the "first of many surprises" planned for Ramadan. Because why leave killing in the name of religion to just ISIS and al Qaeda? In response, Israel froze 83,000 entry permits for Palestinians -- including all permits for Ramadan and those for family visits from the West Bank to Israel.

    2. Pakistan

    You just can't wrap your head around something like this. A woman in Pakistan was tied to a bed and burned alive -- by her own mother and brother. All because she married a man against her family's wishes. The saddest part: Zeenat Rafique's case isn't unique. About 1,100 women were murdered by family members in Pakistan last year in such so-called "honor" killings.

    3. Freddie Gray trials

    The third of six police officer in the Freddie Gray goes on trial today. Officer Caesar Goodson has opted to have a judge decide his fate, which maybe is a smart move. It's the same judge who acquitted another officer in the case last month. Goodson's the officer behind the wheels when Gray suffered his fatal spinal injury in a police van.

    4. Income inequality

    It's like they always say: the richer get richer. While the middle class saw its income creep up only 18%, the top 1% saw its soar almost 188%!! The money crowd did have higher tax bills though.

    5. Saudi Arabia

    Proof once again that money talks. The U.N. had found that the Saudi bombing campaign in Yemen was responsible for more than half the kids who died there last year. So, the U.N. put the kingdom on a black list. How did it respond? It threatened to break off all relations, which meant the U.N. would have to kiss goodbye to millions of Saudi dollars. And what do you know? Saudi Arabia was dropped from the blacklist. Amnesty International called it "blatant pandering."


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