Today's 5 things: Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. Eurocup.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (Round One)
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (Round One)


    Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (Round One)


Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (Round One) 01:43

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(CNN)DC's raising wages. The Donald's reading prompters. And Hillz is racking wins. It's Wednesday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Hillary Clinton

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton lamented putting only cracks in the glass ceiling. After last night, she's poised to smash through it. Clinton will be the nation's first female major party presidential nominee, and her supporters soaked up all of that history-making vibe during a euphoric victory rally. She won the night's biggest prizes -- New Jersey and California -- and has already pivoted to the general. But Bernie Sanders is fighting on right into the convention, delegate math be damned.

    2. Donald Trump

    After taking an all-day pounding for his attack on a judge's Mexican heritage, Donald Trump hauled a couple of Teleprompters on stage and gave a measured (for The Donald, at least) speech which laid out his campaign platform. Trump even made a play for Bernie supporters, saying he welcomed them with "open arms." He didn't apologize for his attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel -- comments that House Speaker Paul Ryan called racist and forced a GOP senator to publicly say, you want me to get behind this?

    3. Euro 2016

    ISIS and other members of Terror Inc. have all but promised attacks. The U.S. and the U.K. have issued travel advisories. But France says it's ready for the Euro 2016 soccer championship -- 51 games, 10 venues and millions of fans. It's deployed nearly 100,000 security forces and put up a no-fly zone over stadiums. That's impressive. But at last month's French Cup final, some fans still smuggled in and set off firecrackers and smoke bombs. That's troubling.

    4. Education

    The "separate but equal" thing is alive and well in U.S. schools, according to a new Education Dept. report. It surveyed 50 million students and found black and Latino students still lag in opportunities. Black students are more likely to be suspended. Schools with more students of color offer fewer advanced courses. They often have more security officers than counselors. And minorities are often stuck being taught by less qualified teachers.

    5. Minimum wage

    Seattle. San Francisco. New York. Add Washington D.C. to the list of cities and states with a $15 per hour minimum wage. D.C. lawmakers OK'd a plan to raise the wage to $15 by 2020. It still has to go through a final vote, but council members say it'll pass. It's another victory in the nationwide push to raise. Now, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey are weighing similar measures.


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