Bump up your productivity at work by standing up

Story highlights

  • A study found that employees who had standing desks were 46% more productive
  • Workers in the study spent most of the time on the phone, which could be more conducive to standing
  • Experts advise alternating between standing and sitting to maximize benefits

(CNN)By now, you have probably heard about the possible benefits of a standing desk: It could help you burn more calories during the day and reduce back and neck pain. But a new study suggests that standing desks could also boost productivity for some employees by a whopping 46%.

Researchers studied the productivity of employees at a call center for a pharmaceutical company over a six-month period after the company purchased standing desks. The employees spent most of their days talking with clients on the phone about health issues, and their productivity was graded based on metrics such as whether they delivered pertinent information and whether callers decided to continue being clients.
Within a month of getting standing desks, those employees were 23% more productive than their colleagues who continued to use traditional sitting desks. Over the next five months, the boost in productivity rose to 53%, possibly because they got used to working while standing. The average productivity increase over the entire half-year period was 46%.