Martha Stewart: 'Orange is the New Black' not as good as real thing

Martha Stewart has some thoughts on Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black."

Story highlights

  • Martha Stewart served five months in federal prison
  • She says inmates there watched a lot of BET

(CNN)"Crazy Eyes," you are not impressing Martha Stewart.

The doyenne of domesticity told Chelsea Handler during an appearance on the latter's Netflix show that the comedy-drama series about life in a woman's prison is "not as good as the real thing."
"When you live through something like 'Orange is the New Black' ... the real characters are better," said Stewart, who served five months in a federal prison in 2004-2005 for convictions related to insider trading.
    The fourth season of "Orange is the New Black," the hit Netflix series whose cast of colorful inmates includes Emmy-winning Uzo Aduba as Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, will be released June 17.
    During the interview Stewart gave further insight into her time behind bars, including her TV viewing habits.
    "In prison it was BET television at all times," she said, referring to the Black Entertainment Television network. "I had to get up really early to watch the news. So if I wanted to watch the stock market and stuff like that, I had to get up really early and watch it by myself."