Rold Gold pretzels, Hostess snacks recalled for possible peanut contamination

What to do when food is recalled
What to do when food is recalled


    What to do when food is recalled


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  • The recalls are linked to a flour supplier whose wheat crop was cross-contaminated
  • Two people have suffered allergic reactions from the recalled Hostess products
  • There are no reports of allergic reactions linked to the Rold Gold pretzels

(CNN)Frito-Lay is voluntarily recalling some of its Rold Gold brand pretzels because they may contain peanut residue not identified on the label, the company said Tuesday. The recalled pretzels include Tiny Twists, Thins, Sticks and Honey Wheat Braided.

The recalled pretzels have a "guaranteed fresh" date between June 28 and August 23 of this year. They've been sold nationwide in stores, by food service suppliers and in vending machines.
This comes on the heels of a Hostess Brands voluntary recall last week of 71,000 cases of some of its snack cakes and doughnuts for the same reason. The recalled items include Ding Dongs and Zinger snacks. Also included are doughnuts such as crunch, chocolate, devil's food and powdered. The full list of recalled items can be found on the FDA website.
    Hostess Zingers are among the snack cakes recalled because of possible undeclared peanut residue.
    Both companies said their recalls were prompted by a flour recall initiated in April by their flour supplier, Grain Craft. That company issued a recall after detecting peanut residue in some wheat flour. The flour in question is from one mill in Georgia and was grown in the South, where peanuts are also produced, according to the company.
    Grain Craft said in a statement that it does not produce or use any peanut products in its facilities, adding, "These recent recalls bring to light the challenge of agricultural cross-contact, which is the result of customary methods of growing, harvesting and shipping of wheat and other agricultural products." The recall was issued out of "an abundance of caution, in consultation with the FDA, to help ensure that our customers' peanut affected flour products don't reach consumers."
    Four types of Rold Gold pretzels are included in the voluntary recall.
    Products with flour that contains peanut residue could be consumed by individuals with peanut allergies, causing an allergic reaction.
    About 2% of adults in the U.S. and 5% of children suffer from food allergies, according to the FDA. Food allergies result in an estimated 30,000 emergency room visits each year, and 150 American die from allergic reactions each year.
    Hostess said it is aware of two allergic reactions resulting from recalled products. Frito-Lay is not aware of any reports of allergic reactions associated with its recalled products.
    Recalled Hostess snacks can be identified by their "best by date" and batch number on the packaging.
    "While those who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume products containing peanut allergens, the amount of peanut exposure from use of the flours and affected products is considered to be low and not expected to cause adverse health effects in the vast majority of peanut allergic consumers," Hostess said in a statement.
    In April, CSM Bakery announced the voluntary recall of its 8-inch single-layer red velvet cake, sold at Safeway stores. It also recalled 12-inch decorated chocolate chip cookies sold at Acme and Jewel stores because of the flour recall.
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    Nine other recalls for undeclared peanuts have been issued this year that are not linked to the Grain Craft flour recall.