Toddler left home alone rescued after slipping through balcony bars

Firefighters in China rescued a three-year-old girl who fell through a gap in a second-floor balcony.

(CNN)Firefighters in China have rescued a three-year-old girl found dangling from a second floor balcony in Hechi City, in the country's south-west Guangxi Province.

Bystanders called emergency services after seeing the girl's neighbor standing on a first floor rain shelter, while holding the child up to prevent her from choking.
The neighbor had heard the child crying, according to a statement issued by the local fire department.
The girl was home alone when she become trapped at 6 a.m. local time on Saturday (6 p.m. ET Friday).
    Rescuers used corrosive chemicals to weaken the metal bars and freed the toddler in five minutes.
      The girl suffered minor scratches on her lower chin and was sent to hospital, accompanied by her father.
      Authorities warned parents not leave their children at home alone to avoid similar accidents.