Trump uses mislabeled training image in D-Day tweet

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  • Donald Trump used a mislabeled military training photo in a D-Day tweet
  • Donald Trump's tweet featured a photo from January 1943

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump's remembrance of D-Day on Twitter included an image that wasn't of the Allied forces' Normandy landing itself, but a training exercise a year earlier.

Trump tweeted: "Remembering the fallen heroes on #DDay - June 6, 1944." Along with that comment was an image of uniformed military forces landing on a beach, displaying the words "D-DAY" and "June 6, 1944."
The Getty photo Trump used isn't from D-Day, according to Getty. It's from a training exercise that took place more than a year earlier, in January 1943, in preparations for the Normandy landing.
    The illustration with that photo and the words "D-DAY" displayed appears to have originated on the website of Fox59 in Indianapolis, which included a caption indicating the photo was from a training exercise.
    Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not immediately respond for a request for comment on why Trump used the image.