Bottoms up: Why butt lifts are big business in parts of Africa

(CNN)While some women are doing everything they can to get rid of extra weight, a larger behind is so desirable in some countries that it's fueling a whole industry of creams, surgery and padding.

2015 was called "the year of the rear" by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
"In some social circles it's like, 'You haven't had your butt done? What's wrong with you?'", explained Dr. Stanley Okoro, a plastic surgeon who works in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lagos, Nigeria.
When he's in Nigeria every two months, Okoro said he's able to do four to six butt lifts in a week. Each one usually takes six to eight hours, and Okoro is often booked up until late. "Sometimes I'm in surgery until 1am. It's exhausting," he said.