10 soldiers evacuated from Rocky Mountain peak

10 soldiers evacuated from Rocky Mountain peak
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    10 soldiers evacuated from Rocky Mountain peak


10 soldiers evacuated from Rocky Mountain peak 00:46

(CNN)Ten soldiers forced to spend the night on Longs Peak in Colorado were plucked off the mountain Friday in a helicopter rescue, Rocky Mountain National Park officials said.

The soldiers are part of the Army's 10th Special Forces Group out of Fort Carson, a U.S. military official said. Some of the soldiers got altitude sickness, the official said.
The park staff learned Thursday night that some of those ascending the 14,259-foot peak via Kiener's Route were experiencing "distress" and needed assistance, National Park Service ranger Mark Pita said at a news conference. He didn't say what caused their problem for the soldiers, who were involved in a climbing exercise.
The group camped overnight on the mountain, he said, adding that officials always knew their location.
    "It was an unplanned night out, for sure," Pita said. "It's still winter conditions on Longs Peak."
    On Friday, the soldiers continued to the summit and a helicopter made seven or so trips to carry the soldiers down. An 11th soldier climbed up the mountain on Friday to assist, Pita said.
    "It's a rescue in the sense that we flew them off the summit, but it wasn't a technical rescue," Pita said. "We didn't go down with ropes and have to move them ourselves."
    Forty-three park personnel were involved in the operation, Pita said. All the soldiers appeared to be in good condition.
    The flat-topped Longs Peak is the tallest mountain in the park.