Hawaii has a huge trash problem

By Jareen Imam, CNN

Published 4:56 PM ET, Fri June 3, 2016
Hawaii trash problem irptHawaii trash problem irpt
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The Aloha State's shorelines are being littered with marine debris that is threatening not only the environment, but also critical wildlife. Courtesy Hawaii DLNR
It's not just small bits of plastic making its way to Hawaii's coast. Large items like tires, buoys and even abandoned fishing boats are showing up onshore. Courtesy Hawaii DLNR
An aerial survey conducted between August through November 2015 suggests that this wave of trash is being carried in by the ocean's current. Courtesy Hawaii DLNR
Although this piece of debris is linked to the 2011 Japanese tsunami, the survey shows that most of the marine trash is not due to the storm. Courtesy Hawaii DLNR
This is a closer view of the derelict Japanese fishing vessel found on Hawaii's coast. The survey was funded by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan in order to understand the environmental impact of the 2011 tsunami. Courtesy Hawaii DLNR