Today's 5 things: Clinton. Trump. Prince

Clinton: Trump's 'very thin skin' could lead to war
Clinton: Trump's 'very thin skin' could lead to war


    Clinton: Trump's 'very thin skin' could lead to war


Clinton: Trump's 'very thin skin' could lead to war 04:23

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(CNN)Tough talk on the trail. Tough conditions in the water. A tough day in the skies. It's Friday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Campaign 2016

It. Is. On. Thought the 2016 general election campaign didn't start until after the party conventions? Oh no, it started yesterday when Hillary Clinton went on an anti-Trump tear in her foreign policy address. She mocked his temperament, warned he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the nuclear codes and blasted his view of how the U.S. should interact with the world. The Donald didn't even wait for the speech to end to hit back, and later railed at a rally that Hillz ought to be in jail. America, it's going to be a long five months.

    2. Prince

    One mystery solved, another begins. We learned yesterday an accidental overdose of pain medication killed Prince. But how did he get his hands on fentanyl in the first place? It's stout stuff; one of the strongest painkillers available. If the opioid wasn't prescribed by a doctor, who got it for him? The DEA's now involved. And if the fentanyl was illegally obtained, this death investigation will change into a criminal one.

    3. UCLA shooting

    Mainak Sarkar killed his wife, drove 1,900 miles cross-country and then killed his old college professor. All over "intellectual property." That's the theory cops are working with as they try to unravel the murder-suicide at UCLA. Yesterday, Ashley Hasti, Sarkar's wife, was found dead in Minnesota. Her name was on a "kill list" that Sarkar left. William S. Klug, the professor Sarkar killed Wednesday before committing suicide, was also on the list. Another professor was also listed, but that person wasn't on campus and is OK.

    4. Plane crashes

    A tough day in the skies yesterday. First, a Thunderbirds F-16 crashed in Colorado. Then, a Blue Angels jet in Tennessee. The Thunderbirds pilot, who took part in a flyover at the U.S. Air Force Academy's graduation, ejected safely. But the Blue Angels pilot, prepping for a weekend air show, died. It's the middle of the air show season for both demonstration teams, and the crashes are sure to cast a pall.

    5. Rio Olympics

    Zika. Crime. Political unrest. As if the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio didn't have enough swirling around it, add this: floating debris and polluted water. Olympians training in Rio's Guanabara Bay report downright nasty conditions: Trash, wood, plastic bags, raw sewage. An athlete had emergency surgery when small cuts on his legs got infected. Brazil says the water will be safe for the Games, but the water's been polluted for decades.


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