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An Arizona mother is suspected of stabbing her three sons to death, hiding their bodies in a closet and then trying to kill herself in Phoenix on Thursday morning, police said.

The woman’s brother called police after finding her wounded in a bathroom, authorities said. Phoenix police said they walked into a horrific scene: The mother allegedly had stabbed herself in the abdomen.

“She tried to tell officers the children weren’t home,” Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said.

The officers found the bodies of her 5 and 8-year-old sons with stab wounds in an upstairs closet. The body of her youngest son – a 2-month-old boy – eventually was found in the same closet inside a suitcase, police said.

The bodies of the children were found in a closet.

Police did not immediately release the name of the mother, but named the children as 8-year-old Jaikare Rahaman, 5-year-old Jeremiah Adams and 2-month-old Avery Robinson.

The mother was taken to a hospital. Police said they were investigating the case as a murder, but no charges were immediately announced.

She indicated that she was pregnant, police said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether a pregnancy has been confirmed.

The woman’s brother told investigators that he lives at the home with her. His sister had locked him out of the home, but he managed to get inside, and that’s when he found her wounded, police said.