Albright: Trump would flunk my foreign policy class

Albright: Trump unfit for presidency
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    Albright: Trump unfit for presidency


Albright: Trump unfit for presidency 01:28

Story highlights

  • The former secretary of state appeared CNN's "New Day"
  • She said world leaders don't understand Donald Trump's positions

(CNN)Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright picked up where Hillary Clinton left off Friday, attacking Donald Trump for being "erratic" and "crazy," while criticizing his grasp of foreign policy.

Albright was a guest on "New Day" on CNN and echoed many of the broadsides launched by Clinton, herself a former secetary of state and the likely Democratic nominee, in a blistering foreign policy speech targeting Trump a day earlier -- which prompted Albright to tweet, "@realDonaldTrump would flunk my class on decision-making in foreign policy. The commander-in-chief test is even tougher. No way he can pass."
Albright is a distinguished professor in the practice of diplomacy at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. She teaches an undergraduate seminar titled "America's National Security Tool Box."
    "I think what Donald Trump talks about, that America is not liked by its allies, is absolutely not true," Albright said on CNN Friday of the presumptive GOP nominee.
    "He is erratic. He changes -- he says crazy things," she continued. "I have traveled abroad an awful lot, and our allies don't think we're weak. They don't understand what he is saying and why he changes his mind -- why he thinks that NATO doesn't work, why he thinks Saudi Arabia needs to have nuclear weapons, why he says the Japanese need to be nuclearized. Any number of things that absolutely don't make sense."
    Citing her experience serving in the Carter administration and as secretary of state in the Clinton administration, Albright reiterated the critique that Trump lacks presidential temperament.
    "I have been in the situation room," Albright said. "I know what ... temperament is necessary. What you need to have is somebody who doesn't thinks he knows everything but has people around that differ in their opinions, who is respectful of the people's opinions, who listens, who makes considered judgments and understands the unintended consequences of foreign policy decisions."
    "Donald Trump does not exhibit any iota of any one of those qualities, and it makes me nervous. It really does," she said.