Thursday's 5 things: UCLA. Trump. EgyptAir. Fort McMurray

Police: UCLA shooting a murder-suicide
Police: UCLA shooting a murder-suicide


    Police: UCLA shooting a murder-suicide


Police: UCLA shooting a murder-suicide 01:40

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(CNN)A shooting on campus. A signal from the sea. A security guard from Somalia. It's Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. UCLA shooting

Yet another campus shooting. This time, an apparent murder-suicide at UCLA. But the motive is still unclear and we don't yet know anything about the shooter. The victim was professor William S. Klug, killed in his office in an engineering building. The shooting yesterday triggered a lockdown on the campus of more than 40,000 students. Some terrified students, unable to lock doors, blocked them with printers, belts and cords.

    2. Campaign 2016

    What a week! California was supposed to be a cakewalk for Hillary Clinton. Now, she's racing back there because new polls show her neck-and-neck with Bernie Sanders. Then there's her beef with Donald Trump. The two went at it yesterday -- she unloading on him over Trump U; he unleashing a barrage of attacks in response. There's more: The ex-State Dept. staffer who set up her private email server plans to take the Fifth at a deposition, even after he's gotten an immunity deal with the FBI. Not good optics.

    3. EgyptAir crash

    A French ship has picked up signals from one of Flight 804's black boxes. It's coming from deep in the Mediterranean seabed. As you know, the black boxes are a plane's data and voice recorders. And if officials can now locate the box that's emitting the signal, and if the recorder has valuable information on the plane's last minutes, then perhaps we'll be a step closer in figuring out what caused the plane to crash last month with 66 people on board.

    4. Somalia

    Yusuf Abdi Ali lives a quiet suburban life. Shares an apartment with his wife and works as an airport security guard. But, as a CNN investigation found, there's allegedly another side to him: He was a military commander during Somalia's bloody civil war and he's accused of the most horrific acts. Burning villages. Mass executions. Torture. And he's not the only one: there's more than 1,000 accused war criminals living and working in the U.S.

    5. Canadian wildfire

    Remember that massive wildfire in northern Alberta? It's STILL burning. Yesterday, though, a devastated Fort McMurray began a phased return for its residents. Some found their houses damaged but intact. They were the lucky ones. Others found them, if not destroyed, unsafe for habitation. But home is always home. And someone changed a sign on the side of a road from "Welcome to Fort McMurray" to "Welcome HOME Fort McMurray."


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