Alpaca photobombs Tennessee couple's engagement

Story highlights

  • The photographer had set up a feeding bucket
  • As the alpaca entered the frame, he kept shooting

(CNN)Everyone loves a good engagement story. And we all love a good photobomb.

Add in an alpaca, and you have a tale that your friends will be hard-pressed to top.
Kevin Scanlon had been dating Bethany Rumley for a few years and decided it was time to pop the question.
    So, last Saturday, he took his two kids and the woman he loves to the Hidden River Alpaca Farm in Franklin, Tennessee. He told them it was for a family photo session.
    Throughout the session, photographer John Myers had been petting the alpacas and feeding them pellets. That's an important fact that'll reappear later.
    Near the end of the session, the farm owners - Marc and Teresa Johnson -- took the kids off on a tractor ride so Scanlon can get on with his get-on-his-knees business.
    "We had set up a feeding bucket, so the animals could come near them and I could get some good shots," Myers said.
    Scanlon proposed.
    As Myers started inching closer to get better shots, one of the alpacas he'd been feeding pellets to -- Mercedes is her name -- figured she wanted more.
    A photobomb was born.
    "I could have moved left or right," Myers said. "I kind of embraced the bomb."
      The farm is home to some 25 alpacas. and the curious one is Mercedes is all of 1 years old, the owner said.
      Oh, and Rumley said "Yes."